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Nicolás R. Cueto


Contact information

niconiko [at] gmail [period] c o m


1996 - 1999: Aston University. Nagoya, Japan

1993: ILC. Tokyo, Japan

1990 - 1992: Seneca College. Toronto, Canada

1982 -1986: University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada

Professional experience

2004 - present: niconiko language school. Motegi, Japan

School Owner

2005 - present: Ichikai Jr High School. Ichikai, Japan

ALT (Assistant Language Teacher)

1999 - 2004: Takakura Girls Jr & Sr High School. Nagoya, Japan

Full-time EFL instructor

Responsible for teaching, curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, test construction and administration, and grading for over 300 junior and senior high school students each year.


2000 - present: ETJ-Aichi. Nagoya, Japan

Systems Administrator (Junior level)
  • setup & administer a web-server (Apache) & LAN file system (UNIX, Win2k), both software and hardware (cabling, routers, boards, peripherals)
  • UNIX-based (Linux) experience, including familiarity with non-UNIX OS's (Maintosh OS, Windows9x/2k, Japanese or English)
  • scripting language-based programming experience at server-side (cgi) and end-user levels (PHP, Perl, Metacard)
  • relational database experience (MySQL), including using database query language
  • 2001 - 2004: Kinjo Gakuin University. Nagoya, Japan

    Part-time EFL instructor

    Instruction and course design for theme-based false-beginner adult classes.

    2003 - present: ETJ. Japan

    Website Co-ordinator

    Maintaining a national website for EFL teachers based in Japan.

    1999 - 2000: C.A.T.S. GmbH. Wiesbaden, Germany

    Part-time software-proofer

    Responsible for development of CATS Corporate English, CALL software for business English.

    1995 - 1999: Nohkai Tierra. Gifu & Kumamoto, Japan

    Full-time EFL instructor & Area Co-ordinator.

    Responsible for teaching, curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, test construction and administration, and grading for over 200 elementary and junior high school students each year.

    Serve as liaison between Japanese and English teachers/administrators.

    MVP award , in recognition of initiative shown for improving school's elementary-grades EFL programme.

    1994-1995: JALT-Tochigi. Utsunomiya, Japan

    Recording secretary

    Responsible for keeping minutes of meetings and forwarding these to JALT central.

    1992 - 1995: JET Programme. Mashiko, Japan

    ALT (Assistant Language Teacher)

    At the school level, assisting junior-high Japanese English teachers; at official town level, developing practical language workshops, writing multi-lingual (English, Spanish) translations of town brochures, and co-writing a weekly column for the town newsletter.

    1985 - 1992: Honda Motor Co. & Mitsui Trading Co. Toronto, Canada

    Part-time ESL instructor.

    Responsible for tutoring elementary through senior high school students of Japanese parents stationed in Canada, and served as liaison between families and school teachers


    1999 - present: EFL-related & multi-lingual websites --

    1998: Japanese Folk Tales on the web (Spanish translations)

    1998: The LTP Dictionary of Selected Collocations (a review)

    1997: Listening Games with English (a CALL review). C@lling Japan 6/1:6

    1995: a is for apple. Kenkyujo-dayori 43:8