Geraldine's big snow
Geraldine can't wait for the snow to come so that she can coast down the hill on her sled.  
Giant dinosaurs
Glow-in-the-dark Christmas Clifford
It's Christmas Eve on Birdwell Island! Clifford and his friends build snowmen, make snow angels, and listen to carols. Every page glows in the dark, revealing shining lights, sparkling snowflakes, and more!  
Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Cliffor
Join Clifford and his friends as they go trick-or-treating down the streets of Birdwell Island. Every page glows in the dark, revealing shining pumpkin faces, spooky cats, scary bats, and more!  
Go, Dog. Go!
Whether by foot, boat, car, or unicycle, P. D. Eastman's lovable dogs demonstrate the many ways one can travel.  
Goodnight moon
A little rabbit bids goodnight to each familiar thing in his moonlit room  
Green eggs and ham
Sam-I-Am mounts a determined campaign to convince another Seuss character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham.  
Harry the dirty dog
When a white dog with black spots runs away from home, he gets so dirty his family doesn't recognize him as a black dog with white spots.  
Haunted house jokes
How many witches does it take to change a light bulb? Only one--but she changes it into a frog. What is Dracula's favorite flavor of ice cream? Vein-illa. You'll find vampires, witches, ghosts, and monsters in this creepy collection of jokes and riddles.  
Here come the aliens
Man your battle stations! A fleet of spaceships is heading this way, and each extraterrestrial crew is stranger than the next. Colin McNaughton's aliens may be a scary bunch, but we've got a hunch that earthlings everywhere will flip for them.  
Here is the tropical rain forest
The author of Here Is the Arctic Winter presents young readers with a cumulative, lyrical, lushly illustrated narrative about the intricate chain of life in Central and South American rain forests.  
Hickory dickory dock and other nursery rhymes (Ladybird)
Horton hatches the egg
House on East 88th Street
Meet Lyle the crocodile in this first book of Bernard Waber's much-loved Lyle series. Funny, talented and always friendly, Lyle is the most endearing of crocodiles. "Ordinarily I don't like crocodiles. They're reptilian and slithery and bumpety all over・ut I like Lyle. He's of a different stripe--urbane, cosmopolitan, one of the family, a charmer.  
How do dinosaurs get well soon?
an you imagine dragging a very stubborn styracosaurus into the doctor's office? Or saying "Open wide to a very sharp-toothed carnotaurus? From enormous sneezes to gigantic wails, the outrageous antics of the mischievous young dinosaurs in this book are sure to bring laughter to anyone.  
How Droofus the dragon lost his head
Droofus the kindly dragon has a price on his head, but the small boy who befriends him refuses to sell him to the king.  
Humpty Dumpty and other nursery rhymes (Ladybird)
I spy little book
The original I Spy book has been adapted for younger children. Rhyming riddles with picture clues in a sturdy board book format make this perfect for preschoolers. 片方のページにいろいろなものが写っている写真、もう一方のページに簡単な文が載っていて、その文に含まれる物を写真の中から探し出す、というゲーム本です。文は簡単ながら、見開き2つずつしっかり韻を踏んでいます。ミッケ!ゲームをしながらだとせっかくの韻も楽しめませんが。最後の見開きは、それまでの全ての写真を通して「これはどこにあったかな?」という問いになっており、ある程度の記憶力も必要とします。
私が「I spy... a little yellow car!」などと言って息子が探す、またその逆に息子が問題を出す、同じ小物が他のページに写っているのを探す・・・など。シルエットだけのページから他ページにあったおもちゃを探すというのが、当初はなかなかの手ごたえだったようです。
息子が3歳になった今もお出かけの時に携帯し、電車の中などで自分たちで問題を作って遊びます。最近は「How many?」と同じ物の数を数えるという遊びも加わりました。必ず英語で言うとかルールを決めると楽しいようです。子供が見つけたときに大げさに驚いてあげると、とても嬉しそうです。
I spy little Christmas
Here's a festive board book to light up your little one's holiday season! Bright, bold pictures of cookies, candies, toys, and snow will dazzle toddlers as they play a search-and-find game created especially for them.  
I spy spooky night
This riddle book in verse contains puzzles that take place in and around a haunted house. Readers are invited to search for mice, spiders, candles, bats, jack-o-lanterns, and bones among other creepy things found in the hallway, library, fireplace, and laboratory of the house, as well as in the graveyard and a garden of ghoulies outside. 日本語版ゴーストハウスの英語版。両方置いて見比べてみると、写真の色がちょっと暗いかな。riddleの内容は日本語版とは違っている。2冊並べてI spy..。spookyな写真は大人も楽しめる、この本の作者達って人生楽しんでいる人に違いない。暖かいまなざしの感じられるシリーズです。私はこのI Spy..全部揃えました。子供達が自然にどんどん英単語を覚えてくれるので、嬉しい!小学生の英会話塾で使っています。ちょっとシンドイ勉強も、後でI Spyやるからねと言えば子供達の気合が入って猛突進。塾のお助け教材でもあります。
I spy year-round challenger
Rhyming verse ask readers to find hidden objects in the photographs. These photographic puzzles celebrate seasons and holidays throughout the year. ミッケ!ですね。写真の中から指示のあるものを見つけるというもの。
I was so mad
The book shows the Critter family saying no to everything Little Critter wants to do. He can't keep frogs in the tub. He can't help paint the house. Finally, mad at the world, Little Critter announces he will run away. When pals come by and ask him to come and play baseball, our young hero's mood quickly changes. He grabs his bat and heads off for the game, telling himself he can run away another day if he is still so mad.  
I wish that I had duckfeet
I'm a big boy now
I'm a little teapot, and other playtime rhymes
I'm not Bobby!
Bobby's parents are trying to get his attention, but Bobby is something else. For example, he's a monster, an airplane, a dinosaur. Anything but Bobby. It's not long before Bobby turns himself into an eagle, soaring away with Mom, Dad, and every other grown-up in his life chasing after him. But after a daring escape into outer space, Bobby gets hungry and returns to Earth to claim his dinner. This hilarious escape story rings true to every child's struggle for independence.  
In the night kitchen
Mickey hears a racket in the middle of the night and goes to explore what all the commotion is about.  
Incy wincy spider and other nursery rhymes (Ladybird)
Inside a zoo in the city
A cumulative rhyme featuring rebuses, in which a parrot, a tiger, a lion, a peacock, and other inhabitants of a city zoo wake up and startle each other.  
Inside Outside Upside down - the Berenstain bears
A simple tale, using a limited vocabulary for young readers, of how little bear travels to town in a cardboard box.  
Ira sleeps over
Ira is thrilled to spend the night at Reggie's, until his sister raises the question of whether he should take his teddy bear.